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This site is dedicated to all of the members of the 4/38th Army Reserve Unit

Army Reserve

group picture by the truck

Left to Right: Sgt. Major Chris Mize, SGT Brent Atkerson, SSG Steven TanCreti (TC), SSG Don Davis, SSG Rick Eskelsen, Jim Bass, Sgt. Bob James, MSG Terry Rothlisberger, Sgt. Dave Childs, SFC Don Cotter

Annual Trip 2003

August 8 - 10, 2003
Glennie, MI
What a fantastic weekend! We all met at the campground, where we were very hard to miss! Sgt. James brought along his deuce and a half which was sitting next to the GP Medium tent....not a typical camping set-up! While the weather was chilly, we still managed to get in a short tubing trip! What a site we were...we all packed into the deuce for the trip to the river. Afterwards, we all ate and enjoyed a lot of reminiscing and laughter!