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This site is dedicated to all of the members of the 4/38th Army Reserve Unit

Army Reserve

Sean and Michelle's baby picture We have two new additions to our family. They came to us 5 weeks early and with a lot of assistance from the Red Cross I was able to bring Don home to be with me due to pregnancy complication.   On November 1, 2006, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl weighing 5# even, Michelle Ann and a handsome baby boy weighing in at 4# 14 oz, Sean Anthony. Both were born healthy despite their early arrival. And they are continuing their healthy and happy path. I try to keep pictures and videos going to Don so that he can see how much they grow and change. Don recorded his voice on cassette tape and I play that for the babies so that Dad is not a stranger to them.  

Don is doing well or as well as he can be. The separation can be very difficult to deal with some days, for all of us, as most of you know. He calls home once a week and we email almost everyday.

. From Mrs. Tricia Cotter