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In Memory 1961 - 24 August 2004

Army Staff Sergeant Donald Davis died while serving his country in war in Iraq. He died when the tanker truck he was driving to make a delivery to the soldiers in the war, went off an embankment. Sgt. Davis was attached to the 660th Transportation company of Ohio for his deployment.

He leaves to cherish his memory a loving wife Linda, and 6 children. Our hearts and prayers will forever be with Linda and the children for the sacrifice they made.
Don's funeral was a very moving tribute to his life and loves.


His daughter wrote the following, and read it at the service.
Although you are not here with us anymore your sprit still lives with us in our soul and you will forever be in our hearts.
 No matter how many days, weeks, months, or years go by you will never be forgotten.
You will be remembered by everyone you have ever touched in your life.
You will always be my everything.
The best day for father's is coming
Only its not the best day for me
My father won't be here on this day
Instead he is off fighting over seas
In the land of the unknown
He isn't just fighting for himself or his family
But for everyone in his county
To make sure we will be able to lay our heads down at night and will wake in the morning
To make sure we can keep our freedoms
We fought for so long ago
To make sure we are safe where ever we go and that we aren't killed
He would rather take his own life than for me to take mine or for anyone else to take there's
He's not only my father, a husband, or a friend but the greatest man I have ever met
My father isn't just my father
Hi is my hero
My role model
My everything
And on this Father's Day he will not be forgotten"
Your daughter forever and always


Article from the Columus Dispatch Newspaper

Article from Channel 10 News in Ohio

Aticle from an Ohio Newspaper

Don driving a truck the Donald Davis family Sgt. Don Davis on duty